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Mister Bracelets® polyester ID wristbands are designed and manufactured specifically for use in campsites, residential leisure parks (P.R.L.s), aparthotels, hotels, holiday clubs, swimming pools, nightclubs and water parks, or for schools to use on school outings.

Each Mister Bracelet ID wristband has its own plus points so that you can choose the ID wristband which suits your requirements.

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Everyone has their own idea about how they plan to use their ID wristbands, which is why offers a wide choice of ID wristbands. Choose fabric ID wristbands for your customers who are staying for a week or more, as they are especially comfortable. Single use TYVEK® ID wristbands are the ideal choice for parties, events or controlling visitor access. Whilst reusable silicone and steel ID wristbands are perfect for owners of residential holiday homes, monitoring swimming pools etc.

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